Frequently Asked Questions


Q: Do we do custom work?

Yes we do my custom designs using BackPocked elements range from $400- $800+ USD depending on style and work needed

If you are wanting a Full Custom One-Off Wrap Design my pricing starts at $1000 - $2000+ USD Depending on the style and work needed


Q: When will I receive my printed product?

A: These are NOT printed products, they are a digital download which will be sent to the email you use in the check out.


Q: Do I need a graphic design program to work with our graphics? 

A: Yes you do. If you are not a Graphic Designer, Wrap or Print Shop and you are wanting one of our wrap designs on your car it's best to have a chat to your local Wrap Shop about the project first.


Q: What files types are in the downloads? 

A: We use Adobe illustrator to create our graphics and we provide Ai, EPS,PDF


Q: How do I get my printed product?

A: Purchase and download our vector files. Take these files to your local vehicle wrapping company where they can lay out and resize to fit your vehicle perfectly. They then print it out and install it.


Q: I have opened my file and looked at it, but now I can not access it.

A: There are limited downloads, please complete your check out on a computer or laptop and not on your phone. Often we find that people are looking at the design on their phone but not saving it. 

Q: Where can I take my files to get printed?

A: You can take our files to your local wrap company to layout, print and install. We are a New Zealand company and do not print your design for you.

if you are in the USD we suggest using https://sfgwraps.com/ to get wraps printed.


Q: Can I have an invoice?

A: Yes just send us an email and we can make one up for you. 

Q: Do we do sponsorship?

A: Yes we sponsor young race cars drivers, and if you have something really unique get incontact for more info. 


If you have any other questions please free free to get incontact with us.